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OmniGuard Defense


Deploy new applications at the speed of development without compromising your security posture. OmniGuard Defense offers automated full lifecycle security for your modern applications.

Application Developer
Assess code at the build stage and use APIs to screen out malware.
DevOps CI/CD

Automatic implementation of security in the DevOps pipeline with unified cross-platform code analysis

Security controls that deliver unified visibility and operational efficiency across on-premises and cloud deployments

IT Security

DevOps and Continuous Delivery models help your company to get ahead with development, QA, and operations teams. These teams can tackle security issues immediately with certain DevSecOps best practices. Securing the application has never been easier, because of applying code early on by following security methods. This ensures that the software is safe and sound at all times. It also avoids intrusion threats while being shipped automatically through DevOps chains using security gates in a consistent manner across different stages of CD pipeline.

DevOps Security Solutions made easy with OmniGuard Defense

OmniGuard Defense brings software developers and security experts together in a collaborative environment. This powerful combination of collaboration and software automation enables DevSecOps, where: Agile development processes are automated by DevSecOps tools to build security into the core of application development – enabling developers to ‘build it right the first time’.

With low cost, continuous change/deployment, testing can be performed automatically to enforce compliance procedures. Threat management is automated by DevSecOps tools for risk assessment and remediation support – enabling DevOps teams to ‘build the right things’. Saving time & money by eliminating redundant tests and code rework from non-compliance, threats are virtually eliminated through continuous deployment.

Benefits of OmniGuard Defense DevSecOps

Code Scan

OmniGuard Defense provides continuous code scanning, looking for security issues and breaches in the CI/CD pipeline. If an issue is found, the pipeline is stopped and OmniGuard Defense will provide the next remediation steps to align with security policies.

Integrated Security

By integrating OmniGuard Defense security into the CI/CD pipeline, container images and functions are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities, malware, weak security practices, and exposed credentials before they become major issues. OmniGuard Defense will provide remediation steps should an issue be found so DevSec teams can act quickly and not slow down the development cycle.

Credential Exposure

OmniGuard Defense checks for exposed credentials and sensitive content within code repositories and containers before production. If encrypted credentials or vulnerabilities are found, OmniGuard Defense will stop the development pipeline and provide any necessary remediation steps.

IAC Scan

A one-click, customizable, auditable solution that ensures mandatory compliance rules are applied prior to deploying. OmniGuard Defense integrates with IACs for not only easy static configuration of compliance standards, but also dynamic validation of security maturity levels during the preview stage. When something is missed, simple automation fixes it before deployment and requires no probing from users.