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OmniGuard Defense

Cyber security Project Management & Delivery

EAMC provides a full range of cybersecurity services to help organizations protect their networks, systems, and data from cyber threats. Our team of experienced professionals will work with your system administrators to develop a customized tailored security solution, with the necessary controls in place to meets your specific cyber-security needs within budget.

Cyber Security Systems Enterprise & Assessment

EAMC offers a cyber security assessment service that can help businesses identify and mitigate cyber security threats and risks. Our assessment services include a review of the business’s IT infrastructure, policies and procedures, identification, and management of vulnerabilities. After auditing, EAMC also provides actions plans with easy-to-read dashboards the include key metrics with recommendations for mitigation, and management of identified risks.

Cyber security policy development

EAMC offers a cyber security policy development to align with business mission requirements, work- flow governance to establish administrative accountability. Our service includes a review of current business processes, work-flow analysis, and alignment for evaluation against current cyber security posture baselines. EAMC develops tailored cyber security policies, with compliance traceability to create a cyber-centric workplace that will aide in proactive accountability throughout the organization.

Cyber security training

EAMC provides cyber security training to businesses. The company offers a range of services, including cyber security awareness training, phishing simulation, and penetration testing.

During Agile delivery demos, EAMC offers user friendly training modules, which document security requirements needed to sustain organizational governance, compliance, and risk management.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

EAMC offers a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service that can help you identify your organization’s weaknesses and determine your risk level. Our team of experienced professionals will use a variety of techniques to test your systems for vulnerabilities and then provide a detailed report of their findings.

Systems and network security monitoring

EAMC provides a systems and network security monitoring service for businesses. The service monitors all systems and network activity for signs of malicious or unauthorized activity. EAMC’s security analysts will then investigate any suspicious activity and take appropriate actions to protect the business’s systems and data. The service also includes 24/7 monitoring and response to any security incidents.

Incident response

EAMC is proud to offer our incident response service to businesses. We understand that when something goes wrong, it can be a significant disruption to your operation. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are available 24/7 to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

The process covers

  • Data recovery
  • IT support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity planning

Today, businesses are constantly under attack from cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive data or disrupt operations. As a business owner, it is important to understand your risk and take steps to protect your organization.