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OmniGuard Defense

Cloud Consulting Services

The world is evolving so are businesses. Today, business models require dynamic IT solutions to deal with daily operational challenges. EAMC maximizes the power of the cloud to help you proactively adapt to the technology. We have a reputation for providing leading Cloud-based solutions and Managed Infrastructure Services in the industry. We strive to deploy different cloud models such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS to introduce creative solutions. We make it possible for organizations to transform their IT environment with on-demand enterprise Cloud solutions, tools, and applications such as networking, servers, databases, software & more.

Cloud and maintenance

Our professionals connect to data warehouses, integration, and transformation technologies, giving data engineers and business users a single platform with an intuitive user interface for analysis and presentation. Our cloud consulting services address all challenges related to the smooth transition to Cloud and maintenance of cloud solutions. Our aim is to leverage IT for enhanced predictability, performance stability, and run-ability to help businesses stay ahead in cooperation. Our team strives to deliver you the best, from choosing the right deployment model to developing the appropriate service model. Our approach is simple, feasible, and profitable.

Planning and Design to execution

The initial phase is assessment, where our experts determine use-cases, explore suitable solutions, and check for their feasibility while evaluating technical compatibilities and business objectives for expected ROI. The next step is designing and implementing a staunch deployment plan with architecture backup. Then comes Deployment, which is about execution, data center migration, and expansion. The last step is optimization, where we experiment with best practices to review and improve existing processes.

Furthermore, from planning and design to execution and optimization, EAMC can help you with all of your business needs. We also provide technical help for SysOps and DevSecOps approaches to designing, deploying, and managing server systems.